Trump's "Huge" renovation project for the White House, is gona be "Tremendous!"

October 17, 2017

 Trump unveils his vision for the renovation of the White House. ( artist rendering.)

     "I'm going to raise the White House 400 ft above the ground! It's going to look so beautiful, you won't believe it! ! It is going to be the highest and biggest Presidential Palace in the world, trust me! 

   I want to prove to the American people that I am the least racist person of all, by building a White House that is not just for the white people but for every people: orange people, green people, you name it, even imaginary people, I love imaginary people! I have many, many imaginary friends!

     It will be 51 stories high , one floor for each state plus the Trump Pent/White-House on top. I will gold plate anything than can be gilded with my  Own money. I will give my tremendous seal of approval by giving it the Trump Brand in big gold letters. I will waive this "branding" fee as a gift to the American people!

Making America Great Again..."

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