Beyond the visible Universe

April 17, 2018

Imagine our Solar System as a grain of sand in the Milky way, the Milky Way Galaxy as a grain of sand in our Galaxy Cluster and our Galaxy Cluster as a grain of sand in the Visible Universe. Imagine that the Visible Universe represents only 10% of the Known Universe. The other 90%  are occupied by Dark Matter and Dark Energy.


I stuffed these grains of sand in a 8.5"by 11" format, and made an image that portrays the energy, the alien strangeness and the inconceivable forces and structure of such a discovery. I hope you enjoy my rendering.


I created this cover image for Kathryn Vitarelli of Johns Hopkins Science Magazine for a story about Dark matter and Dark Energy by astrophysicist Douglas Birch titled " What is out there?"







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