1979-Photomontage airbrushed Longevity magazine

1981-Oil on Wood The Boston Globe (cover) Compulsive Talkers

1982-Acrylics-Airbrush HOMAGE A MAGRITTE

1984-Acrylics-Airbrush Man Facing South East

1990-Oil on wood d'apres the portrait of Mme. de Broglie by Rubens Zurich Re-insurance

1989-Acrylics-Airbrush Jackyl

1988-Acrylics-Airbrush Phantom Navigator Wayne Shorter-CBS

1990-Photomontage-Airbrush Omni Magazine Cover 1990

1988-Oil on Wood OMNI -10th Anniversary Cover

1990-Acrylics-Airbrush Omni Magazine Cover

1986-Acrylics-Airbrush TIME cvr.

Time Magazine Cover 1986 (UNPBLSHD)

1990-Acrylics-Airbrush TIME

1990-Acrylics-Airbrush Industry Week magazine Science Friction

1995-Acrylics-Airbrush UTNE READER

1992-Oil on Masonite Bantam Books

1991-Collage Zurich annual report

1992-Collage Zurich

1999-Collage and Airbrush American-Showcase-cover

1995-Computer Illustration Index Stock Catalog Cover

asmp POSTER 1995