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I herald the New year 2018 with the elusive two headed Roman God "Janus" (January.)

One of his heads faces the darkness of past year, while the other open his eyes to the light and lightness of what we hope for the future.

Janus keeps his "heads" above water, above the impermanence of the endless sea of time's ebb and flow. The flip book like sphere shows the passing days, a metaphor of how we humans conceive of time.

Since we are deep in the water, I used nautical flags to spell the words "Past' on the left and "Future" on the top right. I illustrated the "Present" with the stasis of the composition, because "Now" is never "before" and "after", nor is it "then," but "Now" is rather "there and not there".

If I have confused you, just enjoy the pretty colors of the picture, and most importantly try to memorize the Chinese proverb as it was poetically rephrased by J.F.K.

"We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light the candle that can guide us to a safe and sane future." (John F. Kennedy)

Best wishes for 2018


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