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  • by J.F. Podevin

GREEN HOUSE magazine

I illustrated this Cover and Opening illustration for the University of Alberta's GREEN HOUSE MAGAZINE for designer Paige Weir of Toronto.

The University of Alberta is pioneering environmental development pertaining to agriculture and alternative energy.

This cover story was multifaceted and addressed the issues of land reclamation, of top soil, of 400 ft tall Eolian windmills erected in the middle of forested areas, of the extraction of micro fibers and cellulose from the byproduct waste of the logging industry.

Also we had to show the processing of cellulose as a powerful source of energy, the use of genomics to transform its molecular structure, and last but not least environmental awareness and clean air.

I inspired myself from the concept of Rene Magritte's painting: "The Universe Unveiled," as a metaphor showing giant building blocks reflecting all the steps of the process, revealing behind them a landscape of giant windmills spread throughout the immensity of Alberta.

The cover image represents an Eolian windmill in the foreground against the map of Alberta. It locks in its circular design concentric diagrams of the different methods of DNA and genomic analysis.

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