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From Composite Memories/ Fiat Lux/ FROM WORD TO ARCHIPELAGO *2)

As the Ocean defines the edge of the planet, the distant Sun is caught in an instance of eternity*3).

This Sun neither set nor rises over the horizon, and along with the archipelago, the airliner, the lips which utters silent words, all are islands.

The island is an ambivalent space, part enclosure, part overture to the horizon. The island is the part that is never realized, the place that is forever pregnant within us, a place from where we imagine a tomorrow springing with a formless abundance of experience. The island, more than any other place, is defined by its limits, and a relationship with an "elsewhere," an "out there," an "over there."

The island metaphor is first and foremost an imaginary space that represents both what it is and what it fails to name, this inspired the title of this painting: From word to Archipelago.

Through the course of a day we hop from island to island, from our home to a workplace, to another town, a friend's house, an event, a landmark, a time alone, a time with someone. "Secret islands" are like existential instances experienced alone or with others that we cannot express with words to all who were not there.

*1)" A variation of Rene Char's book title: "La Parole en Archipel." *2) I also borrowed this post's title from Lionel VERDIER: "Toutes les îles sont secrètes": *3) From Composite Memories /Instances of Eternity 2004:

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