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  • by J.F. Podevin

Illustrating Einstein's Dream of a Grand Unified Theory

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

The Anti de Sitter space is a concept which applies to the surface of Black Holes, Quantum Mechanics and String Theory in particular. It is called the "AdS/CFT correspondence", or "Anti de Sitter /Conformal Field Theory" correspondence and it is the closest thing to Einstein's dream of a Grand Unified Theory.

The goal was to create a single image that connected the large scale of the Universe to the small scale of Quantum particles.

Both paradigms shared an M.C. Escher look alike design, more appropriately referred to as a "de Sitter Hyperbolic Space," also called the "Poincare Disk".

This anti-de Sitter space is represented by a cylinder with a black hole cross section in the middle, symbolizing things passing "in time;" (the cylinder,) beyond the event horizon, not inside the black hole but infinitely upon its surface which keeps increasing in size as matter is funneled into it.

The illustration of the tessellated disk shows 2 iterations of close ups as if you were able to see nearer to the edge of the circle. Think of the fractal videos that you can see on YouTube that evolves without end.

For the first time, the laws of physics may lead at last to the fulfillment of Einstein dream of a Grand Unified Theory.


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