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  • by Jean-Francois Podevin

The future of 3D printing & manufacturing for Deloitte University Press

3D printing—also known as A.M. (additive manufacturing,) offers organizations the potential for record breaking performance, while reducing the capital required to reach their economic goal.

I created these illustrations under the art direction of Sonya Vassilief for Deloitte University Press.

We go through a creative process that breaks the traditional patterns of visual metaphors, and address this futuristic technology in a positive original and self explanatory context.

Here are some of the latest illustrations I did for Sonya:

3D OPPORTUNITY FOR ELECTRONICS: As additive manufacturing goes mainstream, it is increasingly possible to manufacture fully functional electro-mechanical parts, opening the door to innovative new possibilities in electronics design, production, and use.

3D OPPORTUNITY FOR BUSINESS CAPABILITIES: Additive manufacturing transforms the organization.

3D OPPORTUNITY FOR ADVERSARIES: Additive manufacturing considerations for National Security.

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